Class action law suits in the US against Vivint.

Anyway we can get one going in Canada?? intimidating non stop sales calls at your door and then their security system tried to blow up my furnace! Of course Vivint thinks I should pay to have them kill me and I'm pissed! Thankfully I was home at the time but when they sell you "peace of mind" that is not what I had in mind

Anyone a lawyer???.. from the sounds of all the comments on here there'd be a good case against them esp. with lawsuits settled in the US.

Let's get em and stand up against this BS companies keep trying to sell us inferior products

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta

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Please count me in jredd1970@yahoo.com


Yes similar experience here. Switched to a different company based in Canada and tried to get a final statement from Vivint to have the new company buy out the contract.

They called Vivint, we called, wrote called, wrote more emails and crickets- meaning no response that makes sense, passed off from department to department and deal with millennials who all have no business experience, ethics or morals. All pass off to some else and will not print off a final statement and mail it to us for love mor money! Over a year we tried! We reported them to the Better Business Bureau and they still stick to their lack of solving any issues.

It’s pathetic.

I hope a class action gets going here as I will be there adding our name experiences and loss we have experienced. Sandi


If anyone gets a class action lawsuit on vivint, count me in


We filed a complaing with BBB for faulty product (it NEVER works, and when we call to get it fixed it costs for the tech visit, that adds up when you have to call at least once a month). Long story short, I can not believe all the complaints Vivint gets not just their sales tactics but the fact that their product is so incredibly broken.

I can not afford to take on a lawyer to get out of this ridiculous contract let alone try to get back the last years worth of monthly fees while the system didn't work. Please someone with the time and money, please see there will be a following an jump on that line so we can get rid of Vivint now!


After filing the complaint with the BBB Vivint credited my account! I recommend this as a solution too!


I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (US) because they continued to bill me past my paid up contract after I canceled the contract. I have called at least 10 times to get the charges dropped but they have trained extortionists on their customer loyalty staff.

Give you different stories and never follow through.

I am in for a class action lawsuit. Anyone else serious about this, let’s go!


I'm with you on this class action lawsuit. jonestakeisha0854@gmail.com. contact me anytime


We are ready too. delacruz9600@gmail.com


I am lucking for others victims who start class action lawsuit against Vivint Solar, we are 4 people victimize buy Vivint solar company , salesmen Thomas Power , anyone interested in class action contact me please , manisorac@yahoo.com


I would be on board for a class action suit against vivint in canada Allyandmattaubin@gmail.com I have a massive list of wrong doings on vivints part. Including charging us for 3 years for equipment we did not have. Now they refuse to let us end the contract even though they did not uphold their part of the contract.


I live in Northern California and have quite a laundry list of wrong doings as well. After destroying part of my roof with shoddy workmanship and taking nearly a year to fix it they want $33,000 for the rest of the contract.

The fact that I never received any benefits from their service and it was removed around three years ago they still want to gouge me for monthly payments or a contract payoff. Did I mention I've received nothing but heartburn and the unit isn't even on my roof? What's a 75 year old on Social Security to do? Lawyers will only help with huge bucks up front.

I did get free legal advice but no real help. I do know they do not have a mechanics lien against my home so their threats of legal action are toothless.

I think they owe me for wear and tear and fear. Any suggestions?


Hi my name is Mihai am from Chicago I have property investment in Phoenix Arizona, Vivint Solar, Install Illegally in my 14 property Solars Panels,Vivint Solar company Operating Fraudulently Business all over the United State ,Salesmen Thomas Power and Vivint Solar sign contracts fraudulently and manage to connect the power with APS Electric company,I never sign any contract with Vivint or Thomas Power never present me the contract i was in Chicago and out of Country in Europe in that time Vivint manage to put in my 14 property Solar now they want me to buy from them or lease them,I don't want them Solar not even for free, Vivint need to remove Solar from my roofs, Solar penal make me big damage to my roofs have leak everywhere , Vivint need to remove Solar Panels and fix my roof and remove the liens from my property what they put illegally If anyone gets a class action lawsuit on Vivint, Solar count me in please ,my E-mail: manisorac@yahoo.com Thank you,


I'm 10,000% willing to get on board with this. I am currently fighting with a collection agency because of Vivint continuing to charge my account after they told me they'd closed it because my house burned down.


They are trying to scam me right now and I am willing to fight them


there equipment is a scam. it don't work and they don't care nothing you can do they say pay or be in collections


I have had problems with vivint every since I signed there contract, there company is a scam,they over charge,they charge for false alarm charges that never happened. I pay bill early,and then a couple of days later the want charge me more money.i wish I can get out contract and back to adt company.


we have experienced horrible problems with Vivint since it was installed constantly breaking down and so many false alarms, the technicians come only if you pay $75 call out charge to repair their own equipment...…….terrible operation


Since I got them I have had problem after problem. Cameras never working, it says there are doors and windows open and there none open.

Even my garage is closed and panel says its open. I have to keep asking them to come back to fix and I get charged. they update their equipment and still same deal. they said the person before them didn't install right, and then weeks later it messes up.

my neighbors dog chewed up my fence and got into my background, chased my daughter down and bit her but the neighbors blame my kid.

my camera wasn't working at that time of course so I couldn't prove anything. Im so fed up with the horrible service.


If there is a class action lawsuit against vivint in Canada sign me up. They are the worst company ever. I am considering going to a lawyer myself


I'm very interested in starting a class action lawsuit against vivint. I closed my account with this company and DID NOT renew my contract with their company due to false security claims.

I have since received CONSTANT harassing calls from a very aggressive collection company asking me to pay $1k dollars for vivint services that I CANCELED AT THE END OF MY FRAUDULENT CONTRACT WITH VIVINT!

Please count me in! Contact me with details at bglover718@yahoo.com

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