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Can not believe how bad this security system is. We bought about a month and a half ago.

Every time someone would finally come out to try to see the problems, it would last about 3 hours after they did fix it and again would not work properly.

We bought this from Best Buy and they also would not cancel our account. We WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM BEST BUY.

We've had problems with Best Buy a few years ago and decided to give them another chance. Well, NEVER AGAIN.

All we know, we will not pay another penny for this terrible security system.

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good luck with that. they will hound you and hound you and then sell your account to a collection agency who will play tricks on you to try to get you to pay. They are beyond despicable with their business practices and *** product and should be put out of business.


I am cancelling this service as I have retired and no longer afford this service. I have not used it in 1 1/2 years as my son lives with me and someone is always at home and we have a pit bull that lives in the house so we are very safe.

My contract expired in May 2018, I am putting a stop payment on the daft at the bank. Cancel asap

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