I called back in July that my aunt had passed away and we needed to cancel services and that her home was being sold.

I noticed that the bank account was charged on July 22. I called several times and was told they would look into it.

Finally, I called again and was told to send an email to documents@***.com with the pass code, account number, reason for the cancellation...etc.

I sent the email out on August 18. I was told the payment on the 22nd may go through but, that I would get a refund for that. I was okay with that.

Today, September 23, I see another withdrawal from the bank account, which has caused the bank account to be overdrawn.

As you can image, I'm a bit upset

How can you expect me to open a new Vivint account in my house when this company can't get this straight?

I am now due for the month of August and September.. $44.37 per month.

So where is my refund.

Back in August I was told it would take a month.... OK the month is up!

User's recommendation: it's a good company... i think they are slow in customer account services, but the actual equipment and service is good/.

Location: North Augusta, South Carolina

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