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We would like to thank this individual for bringing this situation to our attention. Vivint takes all feedback seriously; we apologize for any issues this customer experienced during the disconnection of their monitoring service. Corporate policy has been updated since this review was submitted.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Contract was about to end and told these people I did not want to continue signed contract when it was APX Alarm the people were a little pushy trying to get me in on another system was told to send a writen letter 30 days in advance explaining why. Sent the letter called back 2 weeks to to see if they had gotten this was told yes that everything was fine all I needed to do is send one more payment.

I sent my payment like a month before my contract ended. This company is still trying to charge me for 2 months have called several times get put on hold to see why I keep getting bills last time I called was told to send one more payment never been through such a hastle just to cancel a service I would not recomend this company to anyone.

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I'd like to cancel my contract with Vivint. Had a problem on 9/13/12.

My alarm went off at 4:30 am and nobody came to the two way to ask if there was a problem which They have done previously when we forgot to turn it off. The alarm was piercing, I unplugged it and it still rang, pulled it off the wall trying to get it to turn off. Finally had to unplug the back up batteries. I've called them telling them what happened, told them that since there wasn't anyway they could monitor my home I wasn't going to pay for it and I'd like to cancel.

There still sending me a bill. I'm looking for a lawyer, or if there is a buy out in order to cancel, I'd be willing to talk about it.


Just another sucker. Called to cancel, was told to send them a letter.

They got it 5 days after my renewal and renewed me for another year. From talking to them on the phone, they must go through this pretty regularly, they were well verse in the "too bad, you signed the contract, nothing we can do"....Live and learn and SPREAD THE WORD


I don't want VIVINT, don't use VIVINT, can't stand VIVINT.

What a Scam!

I find it hard to believe that so many people are complaining about the same thing and we have no recourse but to keep paying. I, too, am sucked into another year of donating to their scam.

We continue paying so that they won't give us bad credit.

What a racket!!!!!!! They operate by threats.

to SickofVIVINT Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #673357

Same sucker, I just unplugged the system and let my credit take a hit. Lies, trickery, swindled same thing as everybody else. Wish there was a class action lawsuit, but same thing you signed it, pay forever muahaha(evil laugh)...Never want to hear vivints name again..


Dear "bahahaha",

The monthly fee is most certainly not for the monitoring which is performed by "vivint" itself, but rather, it is so that they can pay their salesmen $500+ for the sale, and make a profit off of the equipment that they essentially forced into these people's houses through trickery and deception, after paying the technician a measly $60 for however long it took them to install it. With this company, the more lies you can tell, the bigger your paycheck is. So please, realize, nobody is paying attention to your less than intelligent statements.

Sincerely, a technician who has seen this company from the inside out....


They cant sign a continued contract for you ya *** - once your contract is up all you have to do is tell them youre done with it and they will discontinue the monitoring service - thats what your monthly fee pays for..



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