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We appreciate the feedback from this individual. At this time, Vivint does not seek BBB accreditation. For more information on our relationship with the Better Business Bureau, please visit: We are committed to providing world class customer service and encourage those with questions or concerns to contact our Customer Care team at 800-216-5232.
Fairbanks, Alaska

The state of Arkansas fined Vivint/APX $40,850 for over 40 violations in 2009. The state of South Carolina fined Vivint/APX $5,000 for violating South Carolina codes by having their license cancelled in another state (Louisiana). The South Carolina order references a $50,000 fine levied by Louisiana for utilizing unlicensed employees, violation of a Cease and Desist Order and engaging in false, misleading or deceptive acts or practices. Minnesota imposed a civil penalty of $25,000 against Vivint/APX for failure to comply with licensing requirements. And last year, the Oregon Department of Justice announced a $60,000 settlement with Vivint/APX for misleading and aggressive sales practices.

Vivint, Inc., which also operates under the name APX Alarm Security Solutions, Inc., has had 1,441 complaints filed against it in the last three years, BBB's standard reporting period. Additionally, the BBB Serving Utah, where Vivint/APX is headquartered, reports that at least four states have filed government action against Vivint/APX for a variety of violations including operating without a license and using false or misleading sales tactics.

Vivint, Inc., which also operates under the name APX Alarm Security Solutions, Inc., has had 1,441 complaints filed against it in the last three years, BBB's standard reporting period. Additionally, the BBB Serving Utah, where Vivint/APX is headquartered, reports that at least four states have filed government action against Vivint/APX for a variety of violations including operating without a license and using false or misleading sales tactics.

Your BBB is warning consumers to be wary of salesmen who are going door-to-door offering home security systems "at no cost." Vivint, Inc. has been the subject of numerous government actions and numerous complaints filed with BBB. Individuals in northwest Florida have alerted BBB that salesmen identifying themselves as being from Vivint, Inc. are offering "free" security systems if consumers pay for a monthly monitoring service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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eveyone i know, see, find online, etc... i am telling about the problems i have had with vivint.

i have expressed my views on every list, blog, website, Facebook, etc... about the way vivint has treated me! the business that preys on us! THIS IS A SCAM!

BEWARE! if they come to your door or your neighbors... CALL the POLICE! Notify your local BBB.

Call your local NEWS station. This is the most unscrupulous business i have EVER had the DISPLEASURE of doing business with!!!

to jessinak Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #612156


Yeah they got me too a few years ago when one of the sales man duped me and my rentor...but now they are calling me trying to "make-up" They they saw my complaint on RIPOFF Report's website.

GO there and tell your story

to jessinak Riverside, California, United States #651605

I just recently had the system placed in my house in rancho California last week and I love it. The salesman explained everything, I never had a security system before but he showed me all the awards they had gotten from Forbes and PCWorld so I went with it.

He told me the price, activation charge, etc... There was no shady business. On the welcome call they went trough everything with me and they even asked if he was wearing his name tag and ID badge and made sure I understood Vivint was not affiliated with any other company such as ADT and some other one. I guess they have about a million customers...

Can't please them all but I'm pleased! :zzz


they are liars!! *** scam


They will not deny your cancellation. As a matter of FACT, there are several ways you can cancel your account with them.

1. Be deployed by the military out of their service area

2. Be admitted to a assisted living facility where you can no longer take care of yourself, and they have to do it for you.

3. Send them 30 day notice of cancellation, and pay off the remainder of your contract.

4. Move out of their service area

5. Get someone else to take over your contract

6. Use your 3 day right of Rescission to cancel the account within 3 days of signing up. That one is the law for all contracts signed.

Hey there are 6 ways right there that you can get out of your contract. If you have a contract, you dont just get out of it cuz you want to. You have to satisfy the terms of the agreement and so do they. If they break the rules of that agreement for you, they can be subject to legal issues for breaking a contract. So, what you are saying is that you have decided to try and get them to break the law, and just let you out with no regard for following the rules ...then when you dont get your way, you throw a fit and go online to call them a scam? Look, you SIGNED A CONTRACT. It is not their responsibility to make you read it. Your terms are clearly spelled out right there in large type on the front of the agreement. That means your monthly price, how many months your contract is, and the fact that you have 3 days right of rescission (by law) to get out of that contract with no problem. If you are not within that window, no matter WHO YOUR CONTRACT IS WITH, you dont just get out of it. You have to follow the letter of the contract.. Oh, and just because you decide you dont like it, or that you dont have the money to pay for your bill 2 years down the road, doesnt mean they are breaking their word or are a SCAM. It means you wish to break your word and bail from the contract you signed saying you will pay them for their services for 36 or 42 months. Grow up, and take responsibility for yourself. This is the exact reasoning that is used when voting away your rights in return for free welfare from the government. Everyone wants something for nothing. If you truly want out of your agreement, pay it off and send in the notice of cancellation... then to make sure, follow up with a phone call to make sure it got taken care of. I know, common sense right? You would think so.

to Harry Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #612161

You can only go one of those routes when the first time you learn an APX ALARM/Vivint Alarm sytem was installed using your credit.

And thats to have someone else take over the acccount, which is hard to do when its installed in a rental property. Plus, after being scammed like that why would I want to help that company at all?

to Harry San Diego, California, United States #633769

I just found out my stepdad and mom fell for the solar. They "analysed" her bill and proclaimed "your paying way too much for electricity"

Long story short, my step dad with yet un-diagnosed dementia fell for it, bill is in my moms name and between the salesman and my ill stepdad coerced her into signing. 2 days before install he broke his hip and went completely wacky after surgery, he is now in a lock down facility.

upon going to my moms to help get her affairs in order i noticed the solar on the roof and asked her about it. I took a look at the contract Power Purchase Agreement noticed the price they charging for solar electricity produced. I did a 12 month cost analysis and found 4 months her bill will be higher and 8 months lower. Averaged over 12 months: their savings will be $1.68 a month.

I am looking into legal at this time RE: this. Coercing elderly people with a system they obviously did not need since they are already on low income CARE subsidy by the electric co. Salesperson knew this, but sold them the system anyway.

Also, the system was installed without a building permit on file (it was later acquired and inspected). The system was left by installers in the on position without electric companies knowledge creating a serious hazard for linemen potentially working in the area. The install, at best, is shoddy. Vivints pipework is atrocious, and will definatley make your house ugly!

to dunedad Lakeside, California, United States #688800

This company is currently going "door to door" in our neighborhood. They are relentless.

We have been considering going solar for a while - and what they offer sounded somewhat appealing -- but after talking to a legit/reputable solar company -- and reading endless negative things about this company, I think I'm gonna pass! Dunedad - thanks for posting this - I have found very few negative about their solar - but I'm guessing its just a matter of time before those start popping up.

to Harry Killeen, Texas, United States #633777

And how long have you worked for Vivint numbnuts? :(

to Harry Houston, Texas, United States #681618


No offense, but you really don't know what you are talking about. Vivint did not uphold their end of the contract with me, and they would not even attempt to make it right.

They wouldn't let me buy out the contract and wanted me to pay one of their technicians $70 to come out and complete the install. My contract stated that I was to have all my down stairs windows and doors monitored, but I only got the doors. When I called the salesman he avoided me for the three days and I lost the opportunity to cancel. I put my trust in him that he was going to make it right, but I was obviously wrong.

This company is a giant scam and I urge anyone thinking of signing a contract with them to really think about it. My 5 year contract with them just ran up and I am so happy to be away from them.

They never gave a *** about me while my contract was still in effect, but as soon as I let them know I wasn't going to extend it, they started offering me free months and equipment. Trust me, stay away and don't listen to Harry, who probably works for Vivint anyway.


SO... they did NOT fire all of the dishonest reps.

WE GOT ONE! AND... Vivint STILL will not take responsibility for their DISHONEST sales rep that I GOT!!!

IF they were a good company they would honor a customers complaint. They are just a bunch of bloodsuckers!


This blankty blank company told me to cancel i had to give them written notice... i did...

then they said they were denying my cancellation! Vivint is a company of "no remorse *** they can ALL go to &^%$!!!


For those of you who complain to the BBB, this does NOTHING. THe BBB is not going to do anything and never will except post your complaint on their website.

You think 1441 complaint out of 1,000,000+ customers is alot? go look at Pinnacle Security, ADT, Comcast, You can even go look up Wolfgang Puck, whom they give an F rating to because he will not pay their fees to take the complaints off their site. The BBB is a for profit business who makes business pay money to take complaints off their site, or to keep them off and give them a GOOD RATING..

If you want to check into a company go to consumer affairs. If you trust the BBB, then dont do business with Comcast, AT&T, The Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York (yes that Waldorf Astori, the world renowned hotel recognized for its elite service and facilities), or anyone you do business with now...


Jessinak. .. SO that you know, you are talking about sales practices and things that happened in 2009. Since that time, they have totally revamped their sales process, and what they allow their reps to do. They literally fired everyone in sales, a ton from customer support, and technicians, and brought in a new executive, and management team to fix these problems. They now have very strict guidelines for their sale people to follow, and if they are dishonest, or misrepresent Vivint in any way, are dismissed immediately. Now please understand that it can be hard to supervise thousands of door knockers at the same time, but if something unethical is done by them please call it in with the rep's name and that rep will no longer be a rep.

Eric Jones, They are licensed in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Kathy, Ya, the autorenewal can be a pain, I agree there. Some states auto renew one year at a time, some renew only month to month. To know which you are in, call customer service at 800-216-5232 and ask them. As for the notice to not be autorenewed or cancel, it doesnt necessarily have to be sent in 30 days prior. You can send it in anytime as long as it is at least 30 days prior, and it will be copied, and attached to your file digitally so that the Customer Support can see your notice at any time. If your account DOES get auto renewed, call them and call their attention to your notice, and they will look it up and fix it immediately. I know this because I used to work in their Retention department.

My opinions are not the opinions of Vivint and I do not represent them in any way. My opinions are solely based on my own knowledge as a former employee. Have a great day.

to Harry Killeen, Texas, United States #627499

***! They just pulled the same things on me they have always been pulling.

This sounds like it has been posted by Vivint.

The sales person I dealt with was a heartless liar. :(

to Harry #678129

Vivint is NOT licensed to "sell" in all fifty states! They may be licensed to monitor systems in all fifty states but having been in the security alarm business for 27 years I promise that as of this date Vivint is not properly licensed to sell security systems in Louisiana ...

nor do they follow the law in regards to licensing their employees to sell door to door. In the Baton Rouge area they are required to pay to be able to go door to door and that isn't done either!

Not to mention the $100 licensing fee and processing that takes weeks along with the state required sales testing that is required! Please get your facts straight!

I am tired of the scam practices targeting all areas of the country during the summer months!

to Harry El Paso, Texas, United States #678827


please stop giving out false information, as it is apparent that you work for them. They are not licensed in all fifty states, Louisiana revoked their license and so did South Carolina.

Vivint has payed some hefty fines in at least five states. Please report true and accurate facts...oh that's Vivint's practice.


Filed a claim with BBB in Provo, UT. Vivint is sticking to "signed contract" and is unwilling to take responsibility for their sales people's actions.

They come by homes hoping to find someone home that they can take advantage of. This company is the WORST I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with!

to Got BBB involved... ***s won' Killeen, Texas, United States #633787

That's it! When the BBB can't do anything for you they tell you that they consider the case solved and you get written off by them.


Sorry for error in my post earlier. My contract was signed in 2007.


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