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Update by user Sep 29, 2015

Update, After a month of calls from Vivint to come and remove their equipment and me telling them no not till the damage they made was fixed and about 4 calls asking about the damage and each call did not know about the reps calls before theirs so I would have to go through the same *** over and over plus send in more pictures. On 9-28-2015 I received an email from Vivint Damage department: "Hello,

This is Nicholas from Vivint’s Home Damage department.

I am your claim manager, and I would like to go over the two routes of action that we can take to get this situation resolved for you. Please read over these options thoroughly so that you can make an informed decision and know what to expect moving forward with either option.

1. Settlement option – Vivint would give you a cash amount so that you would be able to hire a local contractor to repair the damage. We base this amount on what we’ve paid contractors for similar situations in the past, and we also take into consideration where you live (if prices are inflated or not there).

We would have you sign a Release & Settlement form (which states that we’re not changing your contract – length or prices, but that both parties are agreeing to the settlement amount), and then would be able to send you a check for $160.00. We are paying contractors in your area in-between $85-$135 for them to repair this kind of damage. They tend to charge us a higher amount because we are a corporation. That being said any extra money not used in hiring the contractor is yours to keep.


Contractor option – *Vivint would reach out to local contractors in your area, hire them, and pay them directly for the work.

*The reason we don’t suggest going the contractor route is simply that it takes a lot longer. This is because in this situation with you (customer), us (Vivint), and a contractor, Vivint becomes a third party. Contractors are often unwilling to work with third parties after not getting paid when working with insurance companies etc. in the past.

Basically they’re just worried about getting paid – which is valid, but makes it difficult for us to find someone willing to work with us to get this resolved for you. That translates into it taking more time for it to get fixed.

Typically, we’ve found that the contractor option takes 5-7 weeks, versus the settlement option (based on how fast we can get the R&S form back and get a check mailed out) which usually takes 1-2 weeks. Please let me know which one you would like to move forward with.

Thank you, ". So at this time I will be looking for a contractor and a price.

Original review posted by user Aug 30, 2015

I am having a BIG issue with Vivint and at this point will NOT recommend anyone use them, I had it install on Aug 9th and I said yes to their sales rep and that same night it was installed, We had a few small issues the next day but the sales rep took care of them (Our door bell camera still picks up motion when no one is there). They only give you a 3 day trial period which is very short time to test their system and after 3 days you are locked into a 3.5 or 5 years agreement. 9 days after my system was installed my keypad in my house locked up and would not take any commands (it is all by touch) so we contacted our rep and we are told that’s unusual and he will try to get someone out to my house the next day ( We told him we are going away in 2 days so someone would have to be here the next day, Which is true about going away) well the next day comes and we hear nothing from the rep so we call the company and they reset the keypad over the phone so why where we told someone needed to come to our house to fix it. We were also told that Saturday is there busies day and it will be hard to get someone out to us.

While I walk out my house for some reason I look at the door jamb where Vivint installed the keypad deadbolt to see a giant hole and no metal piece to hold the dead bolt so even if the door was locked all someone had to do was push it with a little force and it would open. We explained this to the Company rep on the phone not the sales rep and we even sent pictures to him tell him this needed to be fix the next day because we were going away and this is why we had the alarm, After 20 on the phone we are told they cannot have anyone here until Sept 21st that is 21 day later but yet they found a crew to install the system the same night the sales rep sold it to me. Now we are asking to speak to a manager so another 15 minutes goes by and we are told again they have no one available so now my wife who is the one dealing with this on the phone says then we wont to cancel our service ( I made sure I got a 2 week trial period instead of 3 days) so they transfer my wife and within the first 1 minute of talking to the rep to cancel she is disconnect and never gets a call back. We get a call from our sales rep and he tells us he will have someone by our house in about 5 or 6 hours so my wife goes and runs some errands and gets a call with a Fl number say someone will be at our house in a few minutes but now my wife is out so they wait about 20 minutes for her to get home and when she shows the installer the broking door jam he tells her that’s all he needs to do and she said yes and he tells her I thought this was a full install. Well he put the metal piece on and told me that I would have to call the company to have the wood fixed because he couldn’t fix it.

If you search the web you will see on many sites how many complaints people have about Vivint and there service, I believed the sale rep about the complaints not being accurate but found out very fast how true they really where. The concept of there system is good but the company and there service is not worth paying more than other big alarm company’s in fact because of their bad service we are canceling today.

I have attached 2 pictures of how I found it after the 1st installer left it and the 2nd picture is how they fixed it. DO NOT BELIEVE THERE SALES PEOPLE when they tell you the service is good. Most of the time you pay more for better service buy with Vivint it is the opposed you pay more and get less service. I still can't believe they wanted us to wait 21 days to fix what they screwed up.


Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Cancel the service..

I didn't like: Cancellation policies, Service, Pushy, Not caring about your system problems, Installers work.

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Looks like a *** door frame to begin with.

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