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STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I have only written one negative review in my life.

This one is worse. Read along with me. I went with Vivint for our home security for the smart home integration and the fact that they would do all the installation for us. Reviews were mixed, but, ultimately… they seemed like they had strong technology.

I was willing to spend the premium to have the work completed and everything integrated into a single system. Once the sales guy scheduled our installation, that’s when the fun begins. Had to have them come out three separate times to get it right (before the most recent issues, which would make it 4 trips) – total of 6 hours of installation. The first installation, they told me they couldn’t install the doorbell because there was no power outlet available (seems odd that’s necessary and annoying they didn’t ask about this over the phone) and couldn’t install the door lock because of what was currently there (a door handle integrated with a door lock).

So, we rescheduled to have those items resolved. He left. About 10 minutes after he left, we noticed that the A/C wasn’t blowing cold air. We called him and asked him to come back.

When he arrived, he claimed he knew the issue and it was a quick solution. He went out and decided to “jump start” the A/C by hitting the fan with a stick (seriously, I supplied him with a broom stick). It didn’t work. Fast forward 45 minutes, and he eventually called someone and they had him downstairs rewiring something by the furnace.

Still not sure what he did down there, but, it ended up working, so, we dismissed it. I should note at this point, we have a very nice home that was a rebuild in 2002, so new electrical, plumbing, etc. We bought this house about 2 months ago and obviously had it fully inspected, including a separate inspection on the HVAC system – A/C, water heater, and furnace… everything was working fine. Prior to the second installation appointment, we hired an electrician to run an outlet right inside the front door.

On the day of the second installation, I removed the current door handle so they could install the new lock, since they couldn’t do that part. They cancelled the appointment the day of and couldn’t reschedule for another two days. Therefore, we had nothing there for the next two days – no door lock and no door handle TO THE FRONT DOOR OF OUR HOUSE. (The irony of wanting a security system and getting a front door that won’t close/lock, is rather amusing).

The next month or so, the system operated fairly well, although, we did have issues with the door lock not locking completely and one of the door sensors. Up until this point… all things I can deal with. But, the next part is where I have lost my mind. My wife and I took a trip for 5 days.

When we came back from our trip, Fall had hit and it was time to turn the furnace on for the first time in our new home. Turned the Vivint supplied thermostat to heat and… nothing. No power to the fan, no heat, nothing. So, I called my HVAC contractor.

They came out, charged the $99 service fee, and tested everything to determine the error was occurring from the thermostat. He said he could fix it by installing a Nest and manually turned on the furnace, which was blowing warm air. I told him that Vivint will make it right. I called Vivint and explained everything.

We spent the next 48 minutes on the phone troubleshooting the thermostat, which required a number of tools. They told me they could send a new thermostat out and it would BE HERE IN 7-10 DAYS. Yes. You’re reading that correctly.

They screwed up the installation of my system, made me troubleshoot it, and then told me that I would have to wait a week in my 55 degree house before they would ship me a new device that I would have to then INSTALL BY MYSELF. It doesn’t stop here. I was able to talk them into shipping the device to me in two days. It arrived today and I called them to help walk me through the installation.

First time I called, it was a 15 minute wait time. It disconnected after 10 minutes. Called back. Another 15 minute wait time.

Finally get a hold of them and we start the nightmare. Fast forward 1 hour and 13 minutes later (I’ll save you the details) and the same issue is still occurring. After nearly begging, they agreed to have an employee (i.e. independent contractor) come out to resolve the issue the following day.

Guess what? I get a text (not a call) that they will be coming out in two days. So, we will now be heading into 5 days without heat in our home. We have no heat and the low temperature tonight is 38 degrees.

BECAUSE OF VIVINT. I just called them and the wait time was 15 minutes to talk to someone. I asked for supervisor. That was another 15 minute wait time.

He got on the line and told me he needs to make a call to another department. At 30 minutes now. Add that to the clock.

This is an ongoing issue. Unsure what the result will be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Vivint Pros: System.

Vivint Cons: Customer support, Uneducated installation.

  • Vivint Poor Service
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