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10/8 email address bounced, support@***.com

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Spoke with vivent today to cancel my service. Contract was up exactly 6 days ago. Vivent tells me that because I live in Missouri and did not submit a cancellation note 30 days prior to the end of the contract that I have auto...
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Obviously you haven't read any if the contract. The one you signed? Remember?

If you did, the cancellation agreement is written quite clearly, and you wouldn't be writing this post.

Also, all Vivint systems have a GSM in it, a cell unit. The system works without phone line.

Before you rant, you may want to do a little research. For example, reading a contract... Understanding what the technician actually installed. Shame on you

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Clinton, New York
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Vivint takes theft to a new level

I subscribed to Vivint as a homeowner in Texas while stationed at Fort Hood. After receiving PCS (permanent change of station) orders to Fort Campbell KY I tried to cancel my service.

I have been trying to cancel it for 6 months, and had been reassured by their customer service rep last month that the matter was settled. My October payment came out of my bank account, just like all the rest.

I have been deployed to Afghanistan since the end of August which has increased the difficulty of trying to settle this matter substantially.

I would ask anyone considering doing business with Vivint to ask themselves: Do I want to give my money to a company that is more than happy to rip off a soldier sent to a war zone?

Vivint Reply:
Vivint values the service of those in the Armed Forces and we make every effort to accommodate the needs of servicemembers and their families. Upon receipt of the appropriate paperwork, monitoring can be disconnected. Customers are welcome to send paperwork via email, fax, or mail and can contact our Customer Care team at any time with questions or concerns.
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Moving ,service no longer needed

I am moving to an apartment and I no longer need the service.The person that will be renting my house can't afford the montly payment, she is a single parent.I have ask around trying to find someone to take the system over, they either have one or don't want one.Iam in a contract with Vivint.I am moving to an apartment because my husband and I have health issues that requires both of us to get off the steps and Vivint is giving me a hard time about the contract ,things do change in peoples lives and the time has come for the both of us. .

Vivint Reply:
We're sorry that you had a bad experience with out company! We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. Our customers should be able to rely on us any time, day or night, which is why our reps are available 24x7x365 to resolve any issue that comes our way. If you're experiencing difficulties with your system or your service please give us a call at 800.216.5232, or email us at for assistance. We also welcome any feedback on our products and services. Thank you!
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Change your credit card number, and just stop paying. Remove sim card from panel

The alarm system will the go local only, and vivint won't be able to bill you

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Vivint Sucks and the Salemen are LIARS!!!!

The salesman, Sam, was a bold-faced liar. He came up to us, my husband and I, claiming that he was NOT a salesman and that he wanted to give us a service COMPLETELY FREE, because our house is on the corner and it would beneficial to their sales.

He said all we had to do was agree to keep the sign in the yard for at least 3 1/2 years and we have a life time of free security. He kept saying "I know that it seems too good to be true, but it is real". Then he told us the techs would come the next day. Well they showed up at my door at 10pm and took an hour to install....IT WAS AFTER ALL THIS, that he drops the news that it would cost a whopping $68.99 a month for their service and we are bound to this for at LEAST 3 1/2 years.

What the *** happened to "Free"...these guys are full of it. Then to top it off, after I cancelled, they came to get their equipment but wouldn't put my old thermostats and panel back up. Talking about they couldn't be liable for any damage. Well you removed it, you should put it back how you found it.

Last but not least, they kept our old thermostat and took our appliance module. Like really...This whole process sucked. Let me not neglect to mention how it was *** on the phone with them trying to cancel.

It was like being force-fed your least favorite food. If you see a Vivint salesman, RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!

Vivint Reply:
Vivint appreciates this customer taking the time to submit a review. Vivint does not install any equipment without written consent of the customer. The agreement signed prior to installation outlines the price and terms of the security system. The aforementioned terms are reinforced through a required pre-installation survey conducted with a corporate representative. We apologize for any misunderstanding or misinformation provided by a Vivint sales representative. Vivint takes claims of fraudulent sales tactics very seriously and this situation will be passed to the appropriate parties.
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Vivint Installation
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VIVENT Pushy sales person, horrible customer service

A salesperson from VIVINT somehow bullied my mom to install their service even after my mother said she needed to discuss it with me. He even got her to tell him her ss# and birthday. Something I always tell her not to do. My mother even told me that he said my husband was happy that she was getting this product when in fact he knew he was selling something and didn't want anything to do with it. Basically, he lied.

Trying to cancel this service was difficult. Customer service said I needed to send something in writing to cancel it and even then it wouldn't be a guarantee that she wouldn't be billed. She didn't even sign a contract with them. I asked customer service to get the salesman to cancel the contract and she said that he might not even be in the state and long gone. So it is in our hands to make sure the service is cancelled, and even then she could be billed for services.

To clarify, my mom lives alone and English is her second language. I live in a different state and cannot police everything. Dealing with them and not having all the information was difficult and I was very upset.

Be very careful about signing up with them, because it's tricky to cancel and there's 'no guarantee.'

Vivint Reply:
Vivint thanks this customer for taking the time to submit a review. A system is not installed in any home without completion of a pre-installation survey to ensure the terms, length, and pricing of the service are clear. Additionally, customers over the age of 70 are provided with an extended right of rescission. Vivint does however, require written notice of cancellation.
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I had a similar interaction with them. I had my service installed 3 years ago.

I never use it, so I made the decision to cancel the service.

I contacted them 2 months ago and they informed me "you'll be charged the remainder of your contract if you cancel before your contract ends - it ends on October 2nd." So, today being October 3rd, I called today.

Now they're telling me "because you didn't cancel before your contract ended, you automatically renewed for a 1 year time period," and that I'm now under contract for a year. I've contacted management and am awaiting a call back (wish me luck...I'll be amazed if they actually do...).

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Vivint Customer Care
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Run Away from Vivint

It started off with a sales guy played his tricks and wanted to replace security system that I had. I mentioned that I will be moving out soon and he mentioned that I could put the system in suspend mode temporarily until I move into another house.

First of all, the system installed died in first week for battery issues and then they never installed temaprature panel because the one they got does not fit to current A/C system I have. SO I am being ripped off already and now once I moved, they are saying that they cannot put me into temporary suspend mode. I am going to call the sales guy and see if he answers the phone. Anyone want to bet what the result would be :) Try calling into their call center for move department....Average wait is about 40 minutes and they received best customer service award.

Which *** gave that after all the problems posted on internet.

Based on the problems I have, there are other great companies that offer same or better features and service which I highly recommend to consider but most importantly good luck if you are with Vivint. I told Good luck to the vivint Rep that I talked to as I dont think this company will be there for long.

Vivint Reply:
Vivint appreciates the feedback from this customer. Accounts at least 1 year old that have been in good standing are eligible for deferment. While our smart thermostat is compatible with nearly the majority of HVAC systems, we cannot guarantee compatibility with all equipment. We encourage this customer to speak with our award winning Customer Care team to resolve the issues outlined in their review. We are available 24/7 at 800-216-5232.
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Vivint Security System


I contacted Vivent on June 4th to cancel my service. I had been told by a salesman that once the original contract ran out, I was month to month. That was, of course, not accurate and the small print of the contract supported the company's position that the contract automatically renews for a new 12 month period if notice of cancellation is not received "no later than thirty (30) days before the end of the original term or any renewal term." I admitted that they had a "gotcha" in the contract and agreed that I would have to pay the remaining two months on my renewed contract. However, on June 6th I faxed, and received confirmation of receipt, notice that I wished to terminate the contractual relationship with Vivent effective July, 2, 2012. I also advised them to send the bills to my address on file. Fortunately they could not access the credit card I had on file. It took them nearly a month to finally send a paper bill, after several harrassing calls because I owed for the month that they could not charge my credit card. Each time I told them that when they send me a paper bill I would send in the payment. They repeatedly tried to get a new credit card number, which I refused to provide. I am convinced that if I gave them a new credit card, my miseries would be much worse.

Yesterday I received a new bill from Vivent for a payment outside of the renewal contract. When I called customer service to inquire why I was being billed as my service was cancelled, they informed me that it was not cancelled, but was in a cancelled pending status as I was supposed to call and confirm verbally that what I had provided in writing was actually what I wanted to transpire. I got upset and told them very directly, without use of any profanity, that I wanted to have the service cancelled per my written request and that I should not have received the bill nor should I have had to contact them as a result of receiving the bill. They said that I would need to speak to someone in the cancellation department. I refused to be transferred as I did not want to speak to anyone else. (I did not want to deal with all of the retention garbage.) I told them emphatically that I expected them to be able to advise their cancellation department of my desires. They said that they could have the cancellation department call me and I very emphatically told them that I did not desire to speak with anyone from their organization, I just expected all of this to end immediately. I then terminated the conversation.

I would encourage anyone looking for an alarm system to run from Vivent!!!

Vivint Reply:
Vivint values this customer’s feedback and we appreciate them taking the time to submit a review outlining their concerns. Since this review was submitted, policy has been updated and situations such as the one clarified here are addressed on an account-by-account basis.
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I was told the same thing by their sales representatives and now I am trapped as well in a one year contract for services I no longer use since I do not live at the residence. Very frustrating to deal with.


I was told the same thing by their sales represenatives and now I am trapped as well in a one year contract for services I no longer use since I do not live at the residence. Very frustrating to deal with.

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Vivint Security System
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Vivint is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not go with them. My family has tried the system for a few months like they talked us into. Now they refuse to remove the system and we are locked into a contract. We are not able to use the system at all, it is dysfunctional ...
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Saint Paul, Minnesota
Vivint Installation
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Vivint Sucks

I talked this company on the phone 3 months before my contract was up after they called me and asked if I would like to renew my 39 month contract. I said why would anyone want to do that if I could go month to month, plus I am moving so I am not sure if I will need an alarm in my new house or not. Then I said do I need to do anything else to make sure it doesn't renew and he said no, just call us if you move and need a new system. Being the double checker that I am, I called in the day before I though my contract was up just to make sure everything was good. they told me that my contract was up the day before and that I needed to pay over $500 if I wanted out of my new year long contract. I was appalled. We actually accepted an offer on our house today and now have no idea if we need an alarm or not. The only thing that they could tell me is that they could extend a contract for 42 months??? They kept telling me that like it was a good thing?? I said I have been a good paying customer for many years and they have a record in the notes that I was not going to renew my contract, yet they still are going to charge me? I have read other responses saying if they do it for one person they have to do it for everyone and that is the cheapest answer ever. I can see if the company is controlled by robots how that could happen, but not with real people there. They mine as will fire their customer service department and have a NO recording when you call. Glad we never had any real emergencies because I would not trust an hourly worker with no customer service skills to be on point to call the police or fire department. I think I am going to send my $500 to them in pennies so it will give them something to do since they can't help the customers.



Vivint Reply:
Vivint thanks this customer for taking the time to submit a review with Pissed Consumer. We apologize for any misinformation provided to this customer. Policy has been updated since this review was submitted and situations such as this are investigated on an account by account basis.
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Vivint Customer Care
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Vivint - Difficult to Cancel Service

After having Vivint's residential security system installed, we decided that it wasn't for us. We were told that we had 3 business days (trial period) after the initial installation to cancel, after which we would receive a full refund. After reading reviews on this site about difficulty in cancelling, I decided to take extra care to make sure that the cancellation process went smoothly. It didn't.

Day 1: System installed

Day 2: I called Vivint to cancel. They said that they needed a signed letter requesting cancellation. I needed to either scan and email them a copy or fax it to them.

Day 3: I scanned and emailed them a signed letter. I called them later that day to see if they received it. They notified me that it usually takes them a couple of weeks to cancel after which they would refund me. They said they would make a note in the system that I had emailed them a signed letter.

Day 25: Still no word from Vivint. I called and they told me they never received my email and that I was under contract for 2.5 years. I explained the process I went through to cancel, but the representative on the phone only reiterated that I was now under contract. After 10 minutes of this, I asked to speak to a manager. Luckily, I had my date-stamped email which I provided to him. I'm guessing that I'd be out of luck if I had originally faxed the cancellation to them. This wasn't enough proof for him so I also had to send them a screenshot which showed that I had emailed the correct email address (if I had spelled the email address wrong or sent it to the wrong place, I'd be locked in to a contract) and before the 3 trial days were up. He said that he would process the cancellation because I had provided proof. Close call.

Day 35: Still no refund.

Words of advice: Be VERY careful. Document EVERYTHING. They make it very difficult to cancel. They will claim that they never got the cancellation despite solid evidence that they did. The next thing you know, you'll be locked in to a 2.5 year contract that you are unable to get out of.

Vivint Reply:
Vivint thanks this customer for sharing their experience. We require written notice of cancellation to discontinue monitoring service. This requirement is outlined on the face of the agreement and is reinforced during a required pre-installation survey. We encourage anyone with questions regarding the cancellation policy to speak with our Customer Loyalty team. They are available at 800-216-5232.
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Vivint is horrible, my house burned down in October. probably a year after I installed my system.

They have been a total nightmare to work with!!!! Beware of this company!!!


This is the worst comany ever to scam people. This camany is going to *** how do the employs sleep at night knowing that they lied to there customers.

And it is Vivint that gives other comanys bad name.

We need to put this company out of business! Boycott!!


I want out of my contract. Every month I have a disagreement with people who work for Vivint.

One day they tell you that you have a credit on your account and the next day someone else is phoning and saying that I owe $260.00 and I am breach of contract. This is *** come and take your equipment out of my house and leave me alone.


A person should NEVER have to send in a written request to cancel. Going to the MINNESOTA ATTORNEY Gen.

you guys are shysters, all the lawsuits prove it! If this is the mormon way - FORGET IT!


iv'e been trying to cancel for 4 months . calling e mailing now they say i can't cancel until i pat my bill in full .

they did not alarm 1 of my doors i was broke into , they say it was my fault the door was not alarmed , also my breakage alarm went off when i was not there at 2 am i went to the house , the man on the phone said it might be a false alarm .

he instructed me to remove the cover and clean it , so there i was at 2 am on a chair blowing on this thing .yes i want to cancel , but they won't let me . today i took it off the wall


They said they did not have our cancellation letter either, but then after I sited my date stamped e-mail, etc., then they conveniently found the e-mail. Not only do you need to document everything (dates, times) and what was said, but also who you spoke with - first and LAST name.

They will conveniently not have your conversation documented in their system if you can't provide a last name of the rep you spoke with. ALSO, get the rep's ID number if they won't give a last name.


VIVINT continued charging me AFTER I gave them 60 days written notice of non-renewal.


It gets worse... We had them at our old location and we loved them..

BUT, we sold our house and bought one out on 15 Acres. I was told by Vivint that we were bound by contract no matter if we had sold the house or not. So we were given instructions to bring the main control panel to our new home. It took them three weeks to come out and install, and never got it done right.

That is another story, basically our front door was too wide and WE had to order a kit for them to be able to install it on our door. Can I just say WTH? I mean please.......

Ok, so they come out and it seems fishy, but everything was chaotic, we had movers and people unpacking. So I sign their *** little yellow sheet.

Well, now I know it was a NEW contract beginning on the day they came to install in my new place!!! What??? So they called me for at least two weeks trying to get my husband to sign it too, as he had the original from our old house....

Pleaaaaaaaase do not use Vivint???!!!!!


You forced me to sign a NOC and kept taking payments out of my bank. You are bank robbers and liars and you breached your contract.


VERY difficult to cancel. Still paying for service to home I sold 3 months ago and the new owner also signed up with Vivinit! I have stopped automatic drafts.

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Vivint Security System

Vivint Sales Rep Lies to Senior Citizens

Deceptive practices. 2 Vivint Reps who were not identified in any way as Vivint reps, saw the ADP sign in the yard, knocked on my parents' door and said they were from the alarm company and needed to talk about my parents' renewal.

Told them they would upgrade the system for free - my parents (79 & 83) thought this was ADT who did a good job and never cheated them.

Vivint added some new contacts and charged them. Talked them into a new thermostat and charged them and they ended up with a monthly bill that was $20 more than they were paying ADT with a 3 year contract. The thermostat didn't work well - house would get to 60 and the heat wouldn't turn on even though it was set to 70.

Took many phone calls and talking to a supervisor twice before they finally took the thermostat off the monthly but my parents are stuck with the higher payment.

Nice sales strategy - go through an old neighborhood, find senior citizens with an alarm system, and trick them into wasting part of their small fixed income. I guess if you fail at selling *** used cars you can go to work for Vivint.

Vivint Reply:
Vivint appreciates this customer taking the time to submit a review. Vivint does not install any equipment without written consent of the customer. The agreement signed prior to installation outlines the price and terms of the security system. The aforementioned terms are reinforced through a required pre-installation survey conducted with a corporate representative. We apologize for any misunderstanding or misinformation provided by a Vivint sales representative. Vivint takes claims of fraudulent sales tactics very seriously and this situation will be passed to the appropriate parties. We encourage potential and existing customers to verify the credentials of representatives from any company, Vivint
representatives can be verified by calling 800-216-5232 or by visiting
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To comment number 2.... You and I both know that Vivint reps would not be fired on the spot.

That is a bunch of bull... If you work for Vivint you know I am right!


False Fred. It's not allowed, it is dismissible. If you've actually worked at a multi billion dollar company with the pride and integrity that Vivint has you'd know this.


Sorry, Just one more thing. Those reps all wear a shirt that says VIVINT in orange on it.

Same with the Technicians. If a man you do not know walks up to your door in plain clothes and says he is a police officer to let him in, would you? .. Of course not, you check his identification.

Look at the shirt, look at the badge they have to wear to show they are a Vivint Sales Rep.

Just some tips to those of you who feel you were duped by someone saying they were someone that they were not. Look for ID, Ask for ID.


If that were the case, than please call them to report it. Make sure you know the reps name so that they can fire him.

Doing that is what is called SLAMMING, and it is prohibited in any sales industry. Vivint specifically trains their sales people to NOT do that, and they all know they will be fired on the spot for Misrepresentation. It is NOT Vivint who Slammed your parents / grandparents, it was a sales rep with poor moral standards.

If your parents didnt know how to operate the thermostat, or it would not work, all that had to be done was to call and schedule a technician to come out and fix it.

If it was within the 1st 120 days of the contract it would be a free trip, otherwise it is like a $49 trip fee to send him out.. As for your "Nice Sales Strategy" comment, they go thru ALL NEIGHBORHOODS where there are home owners. The pricing is clearly stated on the agreement, and the name of the company is clearly stated on the agreement. I understand that some people sign contracts without reading them, or at least the LARGE print right there on the front of their contract, but dont blame someone's oversight on the person that had them sign it.

But DO PLEASE call Vivint at 800-216-5232 and ask for the retention department. Tell them your parents were slammed by Vivint Reps, and give them the reps name, and the tech that was with him/her. I guarantee that person will be fired immediately, it is their policy to NOT SLAM anyone, as it is immoral, and not honest. I have gone thru their training, in both Sales and Customer Support, and know this to be true.

Please note that these are MY opinions and not the opinions of Vivint.

I am not an employee, just a person speaking his opinions and knowledge on their sales practices and contracts. Have a great day!

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New Reviewer

Beware of vivint its garbage!!!

Compared to ADT, vivint alarm system can barely be heard if it goes off. I am so ashame of their alarm system that I had to put a ADT yard alarm sign back on my front lawn as using and puttig my old ADT window stickers back on all my windows.

When vivint 1st signed me up for their system I was told that my contact will be only for 2 years but after looking at my contract!

I found out that it is for 42 months & when I wanted to get out my contract they told me that I will receive a bill for all my remaining unused months at $50 per month. The worst part being is when my alarm system went off, vivint called only the 1st person listed of the three contact people I had listed on my contact list I submitted to them!

Vivint Reply:
Vivint thanks this customer for submitting a review with Pissed Consumer and for bringing their concerns to our attention. Should a customer experience difficulty hearing the panel’s 120+ dB siren, external sirens can be installed. We encourage this customer to contact our central station for clarification on our alarm procedure. Vivint ensures all customers are educated on the length of their agreement, both in writing on the face of the agreement and during a required pre-installation survey.
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Vivint sales person kept saying there was no cost to us, but then we found out different!

Vivint salesperson told us they would give us the system for free. We would never have to pay for anything because we would be advertising their product for them. After we grilled him for an hour, we finally found out that there is a monthly charge for the cellphone connection! What a waste of time.

He kept stating - you will never pay a penny for this. Being skeptical, we kept asking questions trying to find the catch. After wasting an hour of our time, he slipped in there a statement that we would pay for the connection. Said it was only a $1.50 a day. HOLD ON NOW! I finally found what I was looking for. That was the catch. Within a minute of us discovering that, the salesperson left - without a deal (of course).

There's no such thing as a free deal!

Vivint Reply:
Vivint thanks this individual for their feedback and time. We apologize for any misunderstanding or misinformation provided to them. We ensure all customers are aware of the length of their agreement, both in writing and during a required pre-installation survey.
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I believe what the smarter post is that the salesperson made it seem that their alarm would be for- no strings attach- as long as he/she would allow to promote their product by placing a sign on the front lawn. I had the same explain to me by a salesperson.

He said everything is FREE- alarm system and installation. All I had to do is allow their company place stickers and yard signs promoting their alarm system. He claimed that he is only allowed to do a "free" alarm per section and I was the lucky homeowner. I kept on asking all questions.

He said monitoring was optional- but I can cancel after 13 months- just call and say I was moving out. I later found out that, it can take up to 13 months for them to clear their commission.

I cancelled on the spot when I confirmed with the alarm company he "represented" I am agreeing to a 3 years regardless if I move, lose my don't believe what the salesperson tells you. But I can understand how Smarter thought he/she was actually receiving a free system with no strings attached.


Seriously? The FREE is the 1200-2000 worth of equipment they were going to put in your home.

The monthly charge is IF you want to keep it connected to the monitoring station. How about a FREE car? Oh wait, you will still have to pay to register it and pay property taxes on it every year...

what a scam. I guess I should have disclosed that to you !


So what is the point of this post? Did you think it was going to be free?

Did you get the alarm system? Did you try it?

If someone tells you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

Common sense...

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Vivint Security System

Vivint is a scam!!!!

My husband and I purchased this security system due to the vivint rep stating that there had been break-ins in our neighborhood recently. We are a year and a half into it with a payment of $54.00 per month.

My issue is this, I have been downsized from my job only getting 36 hours per week versus 40 and the payments are coming directly out of our bank account. I get paid every two weeks. They take out the payment whether my paycheck has cleared or not, resulting in overdraft fees of $36.00. I contacted vivint and complained.

I told them that I want out of this contract. They refused and told me that the only way to get out of this contract is to sell it to some other poor unsuspecting sap on ebay or our neighborhood. I would n't do that to my worse enemy. This company preys on the fears of individual home owners and are totally unreasonable and stringent with their policies.

Any other company would consider breaking the contract over financial hardship but not this company. Stay clear and keep your money in your pocket where it belongs. You are better to have a good watchdog and a firearm than to have this company.

We've had two false alarms with calls to 911 and no law inforcement responded. Once they get you to sign the contract, your screwed and on your own.

Vivint Reply:
We're sorry that you had a bad experience with out company! We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. Our customers should be able to rely on us any time, day or night, which is why our reps are available 24x7x365 to resolve any issue that comes our way. If you're experiencing difficulties with your system or your service please give us a call at 800.216.5232, or email us at for assistance. We also welcome any feedback on our products and services. Thank you!
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If you dont have money to pay vivint its your problem not vivint .


Got rid of Vivint, didn't like the complimentary thermostat, "radio controlled" if I can change the settings from my cell phone, so can energy Nazi's,


I did sign a two year contract and pay every month faithfully. I have called them a few times to get a service tech out here and fix the door lock problem that we had.

When I called vivant the first time, they said that they would have the tech call me and set up a time to get it fixed. I waited several weeks and no one called. I got a letter from vivant saying that they have tried to reach me several times to set up a time to get a service tech out here. That is a mistake on there part because no one has called me.

I have my home phone hooked up to my cell phone so I do not miss any calls. I called them to let them no this and they apoligized, check to see if they had the right numbers for me, (they did) and told me that a service tech would be getting in touch with me to get it fixed. It has been six weeks and no one has contacted me! We have been trying to get heat turned on for a few days now, but no luck.

It got really cold in here yesterday and I called vivant to ask for help. I talked to the first agent who said everything was fine on her end, and it should be working. Well I told her that it was not and to get some help. I was put on hold, and was hung up on.

I called back and talked to another agent. He asked me where the wires went in at. After finding out that the installer put the thermostat in wrong, my husband and I were pissed. They said that an inspector could be out here in November.

We live in North Dakota and last night in got down to 20 degrees. We are frozen. We told them to get a tech out here now and take all there equipment with them. They said we signed a contract to keep it for 2 years.

So my question is this, do they have some kind of agreement with me to get people out here when we need them? We want to get an alarm system locally, so we can get help when we need it.

They are just worried about getting paid. Shame on them!



There are a couple ways to do this. 1.) send a letter of cancellation and pay off the remaining amount owed on the contract. It will be cancelled. 2.) Send in the death certificate for the indiviual(s) on the account, and it will be cancelled.

(note, they do NOT go after your family for the bill like most companies do) 3.) Be deployed by the military out of their service area, and just send them a copy of your orders. 4.) Be admitted to a Care Facility where you are totally cared for, and cannot care for yourself. 5.) Have someone else take over your contract. Just have Vivint send you an addendum with the new person's name on it, and they then replace you as the contract holder.

These are the ways that you get out of the contract.

So please do not say that you have to dupe someone on ebay , and that is the ONLY WAY.

That was an uneducated remark, most likely brought on by frustration. Again, these are the ways to get out of your contract.


Look, I actually posted my name. WHy? Because I do not care what you think, and if you know my name. Look people, if you sign any contract you will stuck in that contract. If yo happen upon financial hardship, talk to the Retention Department. Call 800-216-5232 and ask for retention. Inform them about how hardship, and alot of times they can help. As a former employee of this company they can usually cut your bill for a limited amount of time to help, and WILL. The amount of discount they can give is equal to 2 months of service, and they can either do 2 months consecutively or spread it out over several months. They dont want angry customers, but sometimes people WANT to be mad no matter what. When you talk to them, understand that all the terms of agreement you signed, YOU are bound and so are THEY to those terms. ALWAYS READ THEM before signing ANY CONTRACT> .... I suppose it is easy to be in a contract then call it a scam. If that were the case, then All cellphone carriers are a scam cuz they put you in a contract, same with DIRECTV, Dish network, etc. With VIVINT, if you do not want a contract, and want to be month to month you have 2 choices, 1) pay for the equipment up front. You are in a contract because they have to recover the costs of the $1200 - $2000 worth of equipment you got put into your home wothout having to pay for it. You pay for it slowly over the course of that 42 month contract. Same with your cellphone carrier that allowed you to have that IPhone for only $199, you are paying for that equipment during the term of that contract....

2.) Wait till your 36-42 month contract expires, and you will then be month to month.

As always, READ the agreement before you sign it. Whether it is cell phone, tv, security, or even your mortgage. REAd the CONTRACT. You and THEY are both bound by those rules.

I would like to say these are my opinions based on my knowledge of Vivint as a former employee. I DO know that they specifically emphasize in all of their training to never mislead, and never lie to customers. As ANY Vivint customer can attest, you have to be put on a phone survey with Vivint Corporate so they can have it recorded that you understand the terms of your agreement, that you are the homeowner,that you know your monthly amount is $XX.XX amount per month, and that you were not promised anything. This is yet another way that they try to prevent fraud from reps. Did your ADT REP do that? Now, because they are 3rd party vendor just trying to get the sale. Vivint Reps, Techs, Customer service, EVERYONE, is an actual Vivint Employee, and Vivint holds their integrity in high esteem. The owner (and I know him) is a good man who tries hard to make sure his company sets the standard in the industry for service, technology, and sales practices. If there was a bad rep who lied, he would be fired instantly. Ive seen it first hand when an rep lied to someone on the phone, and was pulled aside and dismissed. So please, call them, and let them know about your financial hardship, and what is going on. Also, try to figure out what is fair on both ends when dealing with them. You ARE in contract, and by law they cannot just break that contract any more than you can. They can be in legal trouble for just breaking the terms of a legal contract with you, same as when you break the contract by not following the terms. So call them, and remember, the nicer you are on the phone, the more favors / flexibility you will most likely get from your rep. Retention reps are your advocate, and they are there to help RETAIN you as a customer. If they have to be flexible they will, but they cannot break the rules... ONce again, these are my own opinions based on my own knowledge of Vivint. Please not that they are not the opinions of Vivint as a company as I do not represent them in any which way shape for form. Have a nice day!


You said Vivint DID call the police, but they didn't show up?

Sounds like a police issue, not a Vivint issue.


Dear responsible adult.... I beg to differ with you!

I'm a very responsible adultwho read and signed a contract. When something went wrong with the product where it no longer functioned properly I made numerous requests for service was told my 1 year old system was outdated they could not fix it yet my contract called for another years payments! According to their contract they had to either fix it or replace it! They wanted me to pay for another system which was not written in the contract!

It took me 6 monthe and an attorney to recover lost payments and outta the contract!

So get ur nose outta ur butt! Good responsible people do have bad things happen to them by bad company policies and badly written contracts and pushy sales people!!


Dear uneducated buyer,

When purchasing anything at all in your lifetime it is your responsibility to read anything contract related. When making a mortgage payment, cell phone payment, car payment or anything else that involves a contract, do they not require you to pay them on time no matter what type of financial hard ship you may be experiencing? Is it not your responsibility as an adult to pay your bills? Sounds to me that vivint is simply in the same categories as the rest of the company's that want to be paid for the services they provide, also stated in the contract you signed. I would understand your title to this post "vivint is a scam" if they told you 1 thing but then said another. But it seems to me that the only scam here is you saying that you would pay them for these services, then not wanting to do so in the contract term YOU agreed to.


Responsible Adult

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Vivint Security System
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Vivint targets victims

My sister-in-law is 82 and is very frail. A salesman opened her door and came into her house while the caregiver was out for the afternoon.

She is unable to get up on her own, and does not handle her own money. They sold her a complete system because she was frightened and wanted them gone. I discovered this system the next day when I came over, and called the salesman and threw a fit. He said I had to call corporate.

I did right away, faxed in the cancellation with her signature, and am now getting the run around from the company. They keep asking what system I am using now and how much does it cost?

I tell them it's none of their business. These people are *** to prey on the elderly.

Vivint Reply:
Vivint values the feedback from this individual and thanks them for taking the time to submit a review with Pissed Consumer. Vivint believes home automation and security are valuable for all families. Situations such as the one outlined here are taken seriously and this will be passed to the appropriate parties.
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and Harry says....?

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