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I am so disappointed and irritated with the service!! I have been having issues with my alarm beeping low battery for almost a week now. My husband has talked to a customer service rep twice now stating that someone would contact us. The first time frame we should receive a call was 12 hours...still no call. The second call was 1-2 days time frame and of course we are still waiting for someone to call us to make an appointment for a tech to come... Read more

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I was offered a 4 week trial for a Vivint alarm system by my sales rep. Near the end of the trial I decided to cancel the service. Initially the Customer Loyalty Program (CLP) reps refused to honor the trial because my sales rep did not make note of the offer. After that initial frustration was resolved, I worked with a CLP rep to cancel the service and schedule the removal of the system from my home. The system was removed and I believed that... Read more

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Had problem with alarms going off in middle of night. Vivint tried to fix but had no explanation as to cause of alarms and could not stop them. They sold system to semi-invalid who could not shut the alarms off-- so others had to drive across town to shut it off while the owner had to endure hours of alarms. Do not sign contracts with this type of company as they will turn you over to a collection agency to make you pay no matter how bad the... Read more

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TERRIBLE!! I sold my home and didn't buy another one. I cannot get them to disconnect the service at my old address. I don't have a house to transfer service to - they will not release me from the 4-YEAR contract. I even have a text from my sales rep. telling me that he didn't explain the contract very well when I bought the service - I had no idea that it was a 4 YEAR contract. They refuse to let me out of the contract. Customer service is... Read more

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Pushy sales rep who comes to your door uninvited and pushes his way in, misrepresents and tells contract is 3 yrs when in fact it's 5 yrs, says you can try the system for a week and if unhappy then can cancel anytime without obligation. Few days after installation and I run into all sorts of problem from thermostat not working to sending false alarms that at one point i was scared to arm the system for fear it would send out false alarm again.... Read more

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Some of the worst customer service I've ever had to deal with. I signed up for an alarm system with APX in 2010 on a three-year contract for $48 a month, before they were sold to Vivint. I continued on that three-year contract until it expired. I called and told them I wanted to cancel. Vivint then offered to let me continue for another three-year contract at $38 a month. Reluctantly, I agreed. Every single month, I would get billed for $48, and... Read more

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The noted services I've mention above / Internet-Billing-Tech support has been a horrible experience. Non professional behavior when speaking to representatives, inappropriate laughing and giggling on the phone, poor professional decorum in the representation of your company and its practices. The camera seldom worked and when attempts were made to obtain technical support you were placed on hold for very long periods of time after being... Read more

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What was promised to be a 2hour install, became more than 4 hours, on a Sat evening. The install guy was here until 1am. It took him a long time to get the doorbell working correctly. Apparently he did some wiring (which he never mentioned to us) that ended up being charged to our account in the amount of $70. According to what our salesperson said, our first bill should have been $164 and then $65.99 each month after. The $164 included the $99... Read more

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Vivint - Don't sign on the dotted line
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I promised the people at VIVINT I would share our experience, so here is it. We fell for it, I admit. It was the glittery extras that drew me in. We were very happy with the security system we had been using, but this salesperson got me interested when he mentioned they offer the video door monitoring included with their regular monthly fee. This was no different in cost than we currently were paying, so why not make the switch and get some... Read more

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Horrible company, is a total scam. We were sold this company on the understanding that we could cancel within 30 days and that there was no long term contract. When we tried to cancel within 30days we were denied our ability to cancel. Now it's 11 months later and we still can't get this company to cancel and they are telling us we are locked into a 5yr contract and the only way out is to pay over $3k. Read more

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