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Two Vivint representatives showed up at our door to try and sell us the home security system. Based on the pamphlet they gave us, the product looks pretty decent but we could not believe how pushy they were. They were at our place for 30 minutes or more and after my boyfriend said he would talk to his brother and give them a call if we are interested, the respresentatives told my boyfriend that they would be back to install it later on that... Read more

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I have been with VIVINT INTERNET since Sept2015. Our internet has been down over 15 times gor 1 to 2 days at a time. My husband is a federal emoyee who needs the internet 24 hours a day. Vivint wont let us out of our contract knowing this. They won't even credit our bill for the times we havent had internet service. Costumer service sucks. There attitudes towards our concerns and complaints ate they don't care. PLEASE PLEASE DON'T GO WITH... Read more

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  • Vivint
  • May 21
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Get out of the customer service are not here for you customers Add comment

It's currently 6am CST and my alarm has woken my entire household up saying someone is ringing the garage doorbell. We haven't seen anyone but this has been going on since 5am CST. I called customer service and the young man stated yhe sensitivity is set too high. I explain nothing has changed on the panel and a technician just came out less than 1 week ago. I clearly told the young man it was a doorbell without the camera and he stated they... Read more

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After being a customer for many years and paying every bill on time, the time came to cancel service. Vivint certainly does not make this easy. First, I spent a whole bunch of time on the phone with someone only to be told they couldn't cancel over the phone but that I would have to cancel in writing. Then, when I sent an e-mail to cancel my service, they responded asking me to call. When I called, I got someone who was very unhelpful and... Read more

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  • Vivint
  • May 17
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The reason I did not choose Vivint because a sales manager by names of Addison Arfaras came into home while making his presentation I turned my back for one second and he stole my Samsung tablet off my kitchen table. So please beware of who you let come into your home Add comment

Vivint wireless is the worst wireless service I've ever subscribed to. I'm on the phone more times with them than I am with my mother. Their internet is down equal to it being up and running. They're always nice to me on the phone, but why do I need to be on the phone with them, better yet, why aren't they paying me for hanging on as a customer. They should change their name to Vivint worthless. Please do not buy into this unreliable internet... Read more

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Vivint is the worst. My home security system has NOT been working properly for the past 5 months. I've called numerous times trying to get it fixed. They promised to send me parts but never did. They then promised they would send out a Tech. I stayed home the entire day waiting but no Tech sever showed up. When I called to ask Vivint why Tech was a no show, they told me that the Tech told them that he came to my house but no one was home. THAT... Read more

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Want vivint to cancel was never told was a 48 month contract lies lies Add comment

I will join you in a law suit , promised out door cameras, doorbell camera, he walked to the back and seen we did not have door bells even sat on front porch, when he sent an electrition he said could not put doorbell in no electricity so we called Hank and he said he would get electrition sent someone not quilafied to work in Indiana so needless to say we are paying 60 a month and do not have equipment list for that price . Bunch of lies also... Read more

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